• New Wine Lecturer Appointed at UC Davis

    UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education has confirmed that Pat Henderson is to lecture three of the five courses in the college’s online Winemaking Certificate Program.

    Henderson is the owner/proprietor of About Wine Consulting and has a degree in fermentation science from UC Davis. He will be teaching Wine Production, Quality Control and Wine Stability from the coming semsester onwards.

    The online program provides a scientific and technical framework for production winemaking, with an emphasis on understanding the chemical and microbiological processes of winemaking. Courses include weekly exercises and readings, discussion forums and web-based collaborations in order to provide students with the tools and skills to meet challenges that will arise in their winemaking careers.

    “Winemaking is the perfect blend of art, science and mother nature,” said Henderson, who has been working in the wine industry for more than 20 years. As an instructor, he focuses on teaching practical, real-world winemaking skills so that his students understand the “why” as much as the “how.”

    “If you understand the science behind the winemaking techniques used in the cellar you can be more creative and explore new methods to craft your wine,” he said. “Knowing the fundamentals also allows you to be more adept in solving problems and adapt to changes as they come up.”

    To learn more about the Winemaking Certificate Program, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education will be hosting a free online info session on October 24. Attendees will meet program staff, learn about the curriculum and get an unprecedented look into the online learning platform.