Bodegas Terras Gauda, parent company of the Group, was founded in 1989 at O Rosal. The winery’s philosophy was that the Albariño, being a noble variety, could achieve greater dimensions in combination with other native strains to provide it with new shades.
It has 160 hectares of vineyards located in a privileged spot near the mouth of the Rio Miño.


The winery since its founding commitment to R & D + I for added quality and uniqueness of its wines respecting the local varieties, and enhancers. In just two decades has positioned itself as a leader in research and development.
Has pioneered the study of clonal selection of Albariño grapes and the first patent for yeast Albariño with the CSIC, the only winery in Galicia and one of the few places in Spain that has its own yeast isolated in the vineyard.
In 2010 recorded a new patent with the prestigious scientific body, which represents a fundamental advance in the winery’s knowledge of a variety so important to the development of their wines such as Albariño and culminates the successful cooperation with CSIC.

He has also recovered a native variety, the White Caíño, which was practically defunct, and has released the first wine made from this variety, LA MAR.


Annually sells more than 1.5 million bottles of wines TERRAS GAUDA, TERRAS GAUDA black label, ABADÍA DE SAN CAMPIO and LA MAR, and distillates PORTA DO MIÑO (white rum, herbs and coffee liqueur)

Diversification and expansion

The winery has experienced significant growth in national and international level in recent years, it has also added three new business projects forming the TERRAS GAUDA GROUP:

Bodegas PITTACUM (D. O. Bierzo) – 2002


QUINTA SARDONIA (Ribera del Duero) – 2010


Fits Group philosophy of producing wines with a marked individuality and personality, in identifying the origin and provenance. It is located in Arganza, local wine with a long tradition for 2,000 years.
Founded in 1999, has 8 hectares of vineyards with old vines, aged between 50 and 80 years old, located on poor soils.
PITTACUM pioneered the 90 in the Bierzo with a new model of wine, which are specially cared for the vine and incorporating the quality and production processes, eliminating the acidity and gain authenticity.


Sells 100% Mencia wines PITTACUM,  PITTACUM AUREA, pink TRES OBISPOS and in 2010 launched LA PROHIBICIÓN, made from Garnacha vineyards Tintorera centenarians after a careful process of breeding, selection and processing.

Expansion Project
PITTACUM currently developing a winery expansion project after the acquisition of three buildings and adjoining rural land to increase the area of vineyards and increased production of the winery, which is 200,000 bottles a year.


Taking 75% share of the winery in Ribera del Duero QUINTA SARDONIA has been an important added value for the wine group positioning in the premium wine industry because they belong to one of the most renowned wine regions and greater global outreach.

QUINTA SARDONIA is located on a farm Sardon del Duero (Valladolid) and 400 meters from the banks of the River Duero. In 20 acres of vineyards with 11 different payments with a wealth of soil (gypsum, marl and limestone).


Makes the wines and QS2 QS, based on the principles of biodynamics to achieve balance between soil, climate, variety and natural environment, under the direction field and hold the prestigious French winemaker Jerome Bougnaud and advice of Peter Sisseck.


Terras Gauda in 2007 diversified its business with the acquisition of A ROSALEIRA, handmade works of high quality canned vegetables in O Rosal founded in 1934.

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