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“We are an independent family owned company with a dynamic and confident management team. Our key partners appreciate these benefits as we can take a long term view and have the ability to maximise the opportunities presented by the market”

“Awards are recognition of our competitive winning culture and we take immense pride in seeing our brands win both internationally and at home. We compete and win in all aspects of our business”

Willie Dardis –  Wine Manager/Buyer

Wine Tasting
A  Guild Tasting was hosted by Ampersand Wines on Wednesday 21st Nov. at 2.30 p.m. at the United Arts Club, 3, Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin,2.

The tasting was presented by Willie Dardis. It was a most interesting and informative tasting. A pity there was not a bigger attendance.
Thanks to Willie and Ampersand.
The tasting was organised by Catherine Griffith, Council Mamber and Tasting Committee.
The following wines were tasted and are widely available from Independent Off Licences and some other selected outlets:
White Wines
1. Gorgorito Verdjo 2011 from Rueda, Spain. Awarded a silver medal at the 2012 NOFFLA Awards.
2. Cesari “Farina” Pinot Grigio 2011 from Verona, Italy
3. Pasqua Passimento Blanco 2011 from Verona, Italy. Awarded a bronze medal at the 2012 NOFFLA Awards.
Red Wines
1. Ch Bire Bordeaux Superior 2011 from Bordeaux, France
2. Pasqua Passimento Red 2009 from Verona, Italy
3. Vila Real Duero Reserva Red 2009 from Duero, Portugal.

Ampersand – Our Past

bullit1881 – JJ Fox & Co, Specialist Retailer of Handmade Cigars opens on Grafton Street
bullit1947 – Distribution Company established by the Fox and Grey Families
bullit1950 – Duty Free Market Leaders
bullit1970 – Premium Cigar Market Leaders
bullit1994 – Wine Business Unit established
bullit2006 – New corporate image launched

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