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Allegra Antinori

Mary O' Callaghan, President, The Irish Guild of Sommeliers, Allegra Antinori & Liam Campbell, IGS

A tasting  of Tuscan and Umbrian wines from the historic ANTINORI family whose winemaking tradition can be traced for over six hundred years to 1385.

This wine tasting event for the Irish Guild of Sommeliers on the 13th April, 2011  was hosted by Marchese Piero Antinori’s daughter, Allegra Antinori,  global brand ambassador for the company.

Allegra and her sisters are the 26th generation of this iconic winemaking family, which came to international prominence through the innovative, pioneering, and courageous decisions by her father, Marchese Piero Antinori, in creating the ‘Super Tuscan’ revolution of the 1970s.  The Antinori family has shown over the years that it is possible to produce internationally-acclaimed fine, stylish, elegant wines in Tuscany and Umbria while maintaining their original character.

The following wines were tasted on 13th April, 2011

  1. Santa Cristina Campogrande – Orvieto Classico DOC
  2. Cervaro della Sala – Umbria IGT
  3. Santa Cristina Rosso – Toscana IGT
  4. Villa Antinori Rosso – Toscana IGT
  5. Santa Cristina Le Maestrelle – Toscana IGT
  6. Peppoli – Chianti Classico DOCG
  7. Il Bruciato – Bolgheri DOC
  8. Marchese Antinori – Chianti Classico Superiore Riserva
  9. Tignanello – Toscana IGT
  10. Guado al Tasso – Bolgheri DOC Superiore

The Antinori family has shown over the years that it is possible to produce internationally-acclaimed stylish,elegant wines in Tuscany and Umbria,Italy while maintaining their original character. The tasting of the above wines warrants this statement to be reemphasized.

For Marchesi Antinori the production of fine quality wines goes hand-in-hand with a continual assessment of possible areas of improvement.

The ancient crest of the Vintner’s Guild is next to the door of the Cantinetta Antinori wine bar. In medieval Florence, the various manufacturing, trading and professional activities each had their representative guilds. The Vintner’s Guild was one of 14 so called “minor guilds”, Giovanni di Piero Antinori joined in 1385.

For more details on these wines, please contact Richard Magnier, Marketing Administrator, Findlater Wine and Spirit Group

[email protected] or 01 403 1407

Mary O’ Callaghan, President, IGS thanked Allegra Antinori for giving The Irish Guild of Sommeliers such a comprehensive tutored tasting. Mary also made a presentation to Allegra.

The Irish Guild of Sommeliers have visited Antinori on a number of occasions . Their visit in October, 1982 was organised by Chris Donoghue, the then Trade President of the Guild and on this occasion Oliver Murtagh was presented with a book entitled ” Antinori Vintners in Florence” by Emanuele Pelluci.

Andrew O’ Gorman, Secretary The Irish Guild of Sommeliers. [email protected]


€185 (per person)

Selection of Seasonal Canapés

Bramito del Cervo “Chardonnay”, Umbria, 2010

Chianti Classico “Riserva”, Marchese Antinori Toscana 2006

Sautéed Bere Island King Scallops with Truffle Mousse

Cervaro della Sala, Umbria, 2008

Braised Pig’s Head, Shallot Purée, Root Vegetables,

Apple Jelly and Poitin Sauce

Il Bruciato, Bolgheri, 2008

Loin of Rabbit with Carrot Puree, Wild Rabbit Terrine

and Truffle Sauce

Tignanello, Toscana, 2006

Noisette of Sikka Deer with Potato Gnocchi, Parsnip Cone,

Valrhona Chocolate Sauce

Solaia, Toscana, 2003

Glebe Brethan and Milleens Irish Farmhouse Cheeses

with Apple and Grape Juice

Guada al Taso, Bolgheri, 2006

Lemon Tart and Cassis Sorbet

Muffato della Sala, Umbria, 2007

Tea, Coffee and Petit Fours

Andrew O’ Gorman.

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