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A new President for the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale

Shinya Tasaki

turns to future

Accompanied by three other Best Sommeliers of the World: Gérard Basset, Philippe Faure-Brac and Serge Dubs, the Japanese professional has been unanimously elected. He presented his project that aims at speeding up the development of the ASI which took advantage of this assembly to welcome Uruguay and Taiwan in its bosom.
Three years after, having agreed to assume presidency of the Association de la Sommellerie Internationale, the Japanese Kazuyoshi Kogai stepped down during the General Assembly organized in Strasbourg. The assesment of his work, especially putting back finances on an even keel and successfully taking over the organization of the important continental contests, has been acclaimed by the representatives of about forty countries present for the occasion.

A new leaf has been turned over however: Shinya Tasaki, the only candidate to take over the presidency, presented his plan of action. It hinges on seven major trends that he made a point of explaining. His top priority is to strengthen the financial basis of the A.S.I.. Shinya Tasaki wants to cross a decisive step, whether it is with the support of partners already very present on contests like Moët et Chandon represented in Strasbourg by Jean Berchon and Stanislas Rocoffort de Vinnière, or independently.

For this the new President counts on the A.S.I. website which overhaul might be accompanied by the development of advertising. “This site has to become the development tool of our association” he kept  repeating.

Photo de gauche. Président sortant, Kazuyoshi Kogai
a été accueilli au sein de la confrérie Saint-Etienne d’Alsace.

Photo de droite. La délégation sud-coréenne est venue présenter le dossier du Concours du Meilleur Sommelier Asie-Océanie qu’elle accueillera en 2012.

Representing Moët et Chandon, ASI’s first sponsor, Jean Berchon
and Stanislas Rocoffort de Vinnière acclaimed Shinya Tasaki’s
election to presidency of the ASI.

Recognition through communication

This financial contribution has to back up the development of the activities of the A.S.I. but also enable it to bring a more substantial support to the countries candidates for the organization of the greatest contests. Tests and winners Shinya Tasaki wishes to make better known. “Our weak point still is communication” the new President underlined. “We have to be structured to get even further.” He also evoked his will to work on education and to create an accreditation examination that would bear the official A.S.I. hallmark.
The newly elected board at his side thus knows its missions for the coming three years.
A very French team with Gérard Basset (General Secretary),
Michèle Chantôme (General Secretary’s assistant), Philippe Faure-Brac (Treasurer), Bruno Scavo (Treasurer’s assistant). A team completed by Serge Dubs, new Manager of the Technical Committee and vice-President of Europe, and Danio Braga, vice-President of the Americas.
The statutes commission remains Jean Pallanca’s (Monaco) domain, Annemarie Foild (Austria) is in charge of the education and training committee and Michèle Chantôme manages the public relations.
This assembly also was the opportunity to decide for the next important international appointments. In 2012, Peru might host the Contest of Americas.
The same year the Best Sommelier of Asia-Oceania will be elected and-it is sure-it is in Daejon South Korea that it will happen.
In 2013 Italy, supported by Monaco which might host a day of tests, is the main candidate for the organization of the Contest of the Best Sommelier of Europe. At last it is in Japan that Gérard Basset’s successor as Best Sommelier of the World will be chosen.
The A.S.I. finished this working day by registrating two new memberships. With already 45 members and 7 observers, the association welcomed 2 more: Uruguay and Taiwan.

Jean Bernard

1 – Masaharu Oka is the new President
of the Japan Sommelier Association.

2 – Yusen Lin, cofounder of the Taiwanese Association.

3 – Angel Pereira presides over the Uruguyan Association.

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