Invitation to the Big Alsace Tasting

After a successful inaugural year in 2018, the Big Alsace Tasting returns to Dublin as part of Alsace Wine Week.

The trade and press tasting will take place at Ely Bar & Grill (IFSC) on Wednesday 22nd May from 11.00 to 17.30.

There will be a second, ticketed session for consumers from 18.00 to 20.00.

Over 25 producers’ wines will be shown at this walk-around tasting, including: Dirler Cadé, Marcel Deiss, Paul Ginglinger, Hugel, Josmeyer, Sipp-Mack, Meyer-Fonné, Réné Muré, Bruno Sorg, Schlumberger, Trimbach, Cave de Turckheim, Zinck & Zind-Humbrecht

Please RSVP to Frankie Cook at [email protected]

Six reasons to love Alsace wines

  1. The wines are so pure, mineral and aromatic that they are a delight to drink.
  2. There’s so much variety across the whole region that there are always new, interesting wines to discover.
  3. They range from the simple to the very complex and reflect where and by who they are made.
  4. The soil mosaic of Alsace is among the most complex of any wine region.
  5. The wines can age well, sometimes for decades.
  6. As they are under-the-radar they represent great value for money.