An ice cold Bloody Mary has long been noted as the ultimate hangover cure but in recent years the famous cocktail has developed into more than a quick fix for the shakes.

Once a simple ‘half tomato, half vodka recipe’, the Bloody Mary has evolved into a meal rather than the simple bevvie once intended, with an array of savoury accompaniments almost expected.

The most recent publicised Bloody Mary elaboration which hails from Milwaukie bar Soleman’s Pub and Grill, feeds four people and boasts a whole fried chicken, two skewers of bacon-wrapped cheeseballs as well as a cacophony of sausages, pickles, onions, prawns and celery.

While such a monstrous feed could only be found in the States, one need not travel across the water to wrap shaky hands around a pumped up tangy tipple as Dublin is also paying attention to the Bloody Mary.

On Drury Street, Super Miss Sue has manipulated the cocktail into an impressive appetiser, the celery salt rimmed glass towering with fresh prawns, clams, mussels and creamy avocado urging you to dig a spoon into its depths. Trendy SMS also host a BM topped with a delicious Dublin Bay prawn or occasionally an oyster, brunch’s perfect indulgence.

Sister restaurant Dillingers in brunch hub Ranelagh also boasts a delicious Bloody Mary, garnished with streaky bacon, a pickle and olive as well as a soft boiled quails egg.

Hungover heads in Dublin 4 need only trot along to the Marker Hotel where an adorned Bloody Mary will hit the spot as part of their swishy Le Drunch Menu. Across Grand Canal Dock, a luscious Dublin Bay Prawn swings off the edge of the cocktail in question in Mourne Seafood Bar, the perfect cure on a sunny day

Bloody Mary at Dillingers

On the north side, The Morrison Hotel offers a very interesting twist on the classic with the addition of beetroot and pomegranate, served with sprigs of rosemary, slices of lemon and a plate of crunchy crudités.

If your hangover is on atomic side of bad and you can think of nothing but the deep fried Bloody Mary goodness on offer in Milwaukie, Sin E on Dublin’s Ormond Quay perhaps offers you the closest alternative.

Adorned with a scrumptious slider, pickled onions, olives, a chicken nugget and a celery stick there’s probably nothing more delicious to be plunged into our chilling tomato cure.

The twists may be a far cry from what was intended of the classic Bloody Mary but it doesn’t make them any less gob-worthy, especially on those terrifying Sunday Mornings.