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DIT Cathal Brugha Street was officially opened on June 16th, 1941, as St Mary’s College of Domestic Science. The college was established as an integral element of the State’s infrastructure for the education of young females.

In September 1941, Cathal Brugha Street received its first intake of students and among the subjects taught were “art, needlework, laundry, dressmaking and dress design, housewifery, cooking (including institutional and hotel work), the training of chefs and waitresses, applied science, domestic housekeeping and physical culture”.

With the 75th anniversary of the opening of the college due next year 2016, we are planning a series of celebratory events, including a public exhibition which will chronicle the story of the now iconic building and the people who have passed through its doors to study and work.

With that in mind we are appealing to members of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers, in particular, graduates, their families and friends or anyone who may have information, memorabilia, photographs or other items associated with the college to contact  Fiona Greagsbey at 01-4024519 or email [email protected]


Collection can be arranged and all items loaned will be returned if so wished.