Rhone Valley Wine Tasting

Linda Field  from Inter Rhone gave an excellent presentation and tasting of Rhone Valley wines on Tuesday 6th March, 2012 at the United Arts Club, 3, Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin,2 for members of the Irish Guild of Sommeliers.

Linda was introduced by Guild President, Mary O’ Callaghan stating that it was a great privilege to have her here this evening to give a presentation and tasting of Rhone Valley wines. She lives and works near Avignon and also travels as an Ambassador for Rhone wines.

Mary O’ Callaghan, Wine Studies Lecturer, Dublin Institute of Technology, Cathal Brugha Street, Dublin,1 and President Irish Guild of Sommeliers along with Tom Kelly, Cork Institute of Technology were on a very extensive visit to the Rhone Valley during February,2012.

The presentation was covered under the following headings:

1.The Rhóne Valley – some figures

2.AOC The Rhone Valley

3.AOC Cóte du Róhne

The Southern Cóte du Rhóne

The Northern Cóte du Rhóne

4, Perfect matches with dishes


1.Les Crús (16) – 8 Northern & 8 Southern Rhone

VDN (2)

2.Cóte du Rhóne Villages with names of commune (17)

3.Cóte du Rhóne Villages

4.Cóte du Rhóne

The following wines were tasted:

  1. La Gerbraude, Domaine Alary, Cóte du Rhóne AC 2009 RRP €14
  1. Le Temps est venu Michel et Stephane Ogier Cótes du Rhone Villages – Plan de Dieu 2010 – RRP €16
  1. Yann Chave Crozes Hermitage AC 2010 – RRP €22
  1. Domaine Bonnerford Cote Roite AC 2007 – RRP €35
  1. L’Artemes Domaine de la Citadelle Luberon AC 2006 – RRP €18
  1. Jaboulet Muscat de Beaumes de Venise AC 2009 – RRP €25

The French also drink this wine as an aperitif.

Rhone Vintages:

2005 – Very good

2007 – Very good. According to Robert Parker this was the vintage of the decade.

2008 – Not as exciting

2009 – Vintage of a generation according to Robert Parker

2010 – Makers happier with it than 2009. 2010 – a fantastic year

2011 – Like 2008 – good but not exciting.

At the conclusion of the presentation and tasting Mary O’ Callaghan, President  Irish Guild of Sommeliers thanked Catherine Griffith, Chairperson of the tasting committee for her work on this tasting and Joan Dempsey for organising the venue. The last Guild trip to the Rhone was in 1997 as verified by Oliver Murtagh, Vice President.

Finally Mary thanked Linda Field and presented her with an Irish Guild of Sommeliers silk scarf in appreciation from all present.

Where to stay

Auberage du Vin

You can stay at Auberage du Vin a Provencal farmhouse in the middle of vineyards near Carpentras.

We have 4 bedrooms available as chambers d’ holes with modern en suite bathrooms and a self contained gite can be rented by the week.

All guests are welcome to enjoy the gardens and swimming pool.

We also run wine appreciation courses in English and most evenings have a “degustation” of local wines for the guests.

Contact: Linda Field au Christopher Hunt

04 90 61 62 84

384, Chemin de la Peyriere

84380 Mazan

[email protected]


Inter Rhône represents all the wine-growing and wine merchants in Côtes du Rhône and Rhône Valley and combines all promotional, economic and technical actions concerning AOC (Appellation d’Origine Controlée) wines.

  • To carry out all studies and to centralise statistics thus allowing knowledge of supply and demand as well as adaptation and regulation of the supply.
  • To implement the rules for marketing and conditions of payment.
  • To study and promote all scientific and technical measures that are likely to improve the quality of the products.
  • To organise the promotion of Rhone Valley AOC wines in France and abroad.
  • Training

    Technical training :

    Wine-tasting : Initiation into and perfecting of wine-tasting skills.

    Course organised on request for all professional organisations: cooperative wine cellars, appellation syndicates…
    – Initiation into the tasting of wine using an oenological approach and a detailed knowledge of the wines of the Côtes du Rhône and the Vallée du Rhône.
    -This course is aimed at any professionals in the wine-growing and wine-producing industry, wine-growers, master cellarmen, wine storehouse masters or marketing people…
    For further information : [email protected]

    Mastering wine-producing practices – HACCP – Hygiene

    A course carried out as part of a training programme offered by the Université du Vin in Suze la Rousse, or on request for all professional organisations : cooperative wine cellars, appellation syndicates.
    – To provide all the knowledge necessary for understanding the stakes involved in food safety.
    – To allow oenological practices to be adapted to meet the health requirements of clients and consumers.
    – To acquire a methodology for defining the methods of control in each firm and to set up a system of traceability.
    For further information : www.universite-du-vin.com

    To improve the effectiveness of the bottling line.

    In collaboration with INRA of Montpellier/ Pech Rouge, Inter-Rhone proposes a training session for all operators intervening in the work of wine- from ageing to bottling-those who wish to acquire the latest knowledge in the mastering of oxygen in wine as well as new technology and methods of dosing. A training session combining the latest theoretical know-how and putting into practice on the premises. For further information : [email protected]

    Knowledge and Mastery of Oxygen in wines

    En collaboration avec l’INRA de Montpellier/Pech Rouge, Inter Rhône propose une formation destinée à tous les opérateurs intervenant dans le travail du vin – de l’élevage à l’embouteillage – qui souhaitent acquérir les dernières connaissances sur la maîtrise de l’oxygène dans les vins ainsi que les technologies et méthodes de dosage. Un stage qui allie les dernières connaissances théoriques et leurs applications concrètes sur site.
    Contact : [email protected]

    To train the future managers of the industry

    Support at the Université d’Avignon in the context of its Masters degree “Commerce International du vin”, at the ISARA de Lyon for its block-release training project for engineers in the wine-growing/making industry, at the E.S.A d’Angers and at the Université de Suze la Rousse for their training in management and wine marketing.

    Prescribers Training

    Reception at the wine cellar Côtes du Rhône :

    Training offered for members of the Côtes du Rhône and the Vallée du Rhône over several two-day sessions. Training given at the Université du Vin and organised by Routes des Vins.
    To reinforce the local network between the professionals in tourism and the members.
    To professionalize the personnel of the cellars on the techniques of welcoming, on sales and promotions at the cellar towards a tourist clientèle.
    For further information : [email protected]

    All Rights Reserved
    Press techniques :

    Training offered to members of Côtes du Rhône and Vallée du Rhône who are likely to be spokespersons on behalf of the vineyards to journalists. To communicate effectively is also : To understand how the media work, To define the role of a Press service accurately, To adapt and increase the value of our messages.
    For further information : [email protected]

    Future wine-waiters :

    Training given directly or through a network of appointed trainers for future wine-waiters and lecturers in French and foreign Hotel Business Schools. To refine the knowledge of our future consultants in Côtes du Rhône wines. To bring regular educational support (dotation vins, documents) to more than 400 student wine-waiters (36 schools).

    Rhône Valley Vineyards Statistics

    73 468 hectares and 6000 estates

    2nd largest French A.O.C. wine region in terms of surface area and production

    2,83 million hectoliters produced in 2010

    413 million bottles in 2009/2010

    First business activity in the Rhone Valley in terms of direct or indirect employment

    155 countries in the world drank Rhône Valley wines in 2010

    92% of wine-drinkers in France know Côtes du Rhône AOC wines

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