WINE APPRECIATION week of November 5th 2012 at Kelly’ s Resort Hotel, Rosslare Strand, Co. Wexford.

Embark on a tour this midweek with some of the world’s  leading wine experts.

Benjamin Leroux

Join Benjamin Leroux from the famous estate of Comte Armand. His wines are

made using biodynamic methods with great respect for the soil and the

environment. His Pommard ‘Clos des Epeneaux’ ler Cru is without a doubt one of

burgundy’s top red wines. He also produces a wonderful Meursault, together with

Auxey Duresses and Bourgogne white wines. Enjoy a comparative tasting of the

famous ‘Clos des Epeneaux’. Ben LeRoux now also operates a boutique negociant

operation in Beaune in a rented facility that he shares with Dominique Lafon.

“Benjamin’s wines are among the best in Burgundy” Billy Kelly.

Monday & Tuesday 6pm-7.30pm

David Whelehan

Join David Whelelan, one of Ireland’s top wine guru’s & presenter

from TVS will be here to taste some of Italy’s greatest wines with some hot tips,

advice recommendations. David has an incredible enthusiasm for sharing his

knowledge of wine and is the wine correspondent to Business & Finance magazine

and TVS. He has been a judge at Vinltaly, IWC (London and Japan) and won the

champagne Academy Trophy for Ireland.

Wednesday 6pm-7.30pm

John McDonnell

Join John McDonnell who runs the Irish arm of the Australian Wine

Bureau, he will enlighten you with his passion, knowledge and

humour on the delights of Australia’s finest wines with some

interesting comparative tastings.

Thursday 6pm-7.30pm

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