Lapostolle Cuvée Alexandre Carmenère 2011 wonDouble Gold Medal and was chosen the best organic wine from Chile, the highest award in this important Chilean organic wine competition.

Bocanariz wine bar in Santiago was the scene for a morning of blind tastings in which 10 Chilean experts (winemakers, sommeliers and journalists) judged 45 wines from a total of 12 wineries.

All Lapostolle wines submitted obtained an accolade:Cuvée Alexandre Merlot 2011 won a gold medal and the Cuvée Alexandre Chardonnay 2011 and Syrah Las Kuras 2010 both won silver medals.

Lapostolle began farming organically from 2006. Since 2011 all their vineyards are certified organic by the German body of Certification CERES©. In addition, the winery also practices Biodynamic agriculture, certified by Demeter©; has ISO 14001 environmental certification, and is certified Carbon Neutral Delivery by The Carbon Neutral Company© for reducing to net zero de CO2 emissions from their wine exports.

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Lapostolle and Biodynamic Vineyard Management – 27th June,2012 (AOG)

With the Colchagua Valley as a backdrop, chilly and dressed in its autumn colors; it was with much enthusiasm that 40 cross functional colleagues from Lapostolle Wines were part of this annual training involving the preparation of the autumn biodynamic cycle. The aim was to spread the biodynamic culture to all areas of the company, while promoting teamwork and creating a motivational activity.

Biodynamics is a way of making agriculture, driven by Rudolf Steiner, which seeks to balance the cosmos, earth, animals and humans.  It sees the farm as a closed system that works in harmony with nature. It only uses natural products (no chemical applications), in order to protect the environment, land, workers and consumers of the wines. The result is amazing: better quality grapes, healthier, more aromatic and more flavorful. Healthy soils, alive and free of pests. People in harmony with the place. An addition of factors that can produce wines of excellent quality and above all very attached to their origin.

Lapostolleowns over 360 hectares (three vineyards in Casablanca, Colchagua and Cachapoal) certified organic and biodynamic by Demeter International, which represents 36% of the total certified area in Chile by this international organization. These figures make the Lapostolle within six world’s largest biodynamic vineyards.

On this occasion, the Lapostolle team deployed the various fall biodynamic preparations (Yarrow, Chamomile, Dandelion and Oak) required for this form of agriculture throughout the year. These are are used as natural fertilizers for the prevention vine diseases, such as compost barrel, valerian, biofertilizer, and preparation 500 in cow’s horn and 502 Yarrow, among others. They are made with only natural ingredients such as flowers, seeds, manure from cows living in the vineyards, plants, natural seeds, etc. Some of them are used in the soil or sprayed into the leaves and others are applied in the compost pile, which is then used in the vineyard. Each of these preparations helps to stimulate the minerals, bacteria and fungi to bring vitality to the soil, keep the plant healthy and better connected it with the surrounding environment.

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