Mackenway Wine Portfolio Tasting

Autumn Wine Portfolio Tasting. This year our tasting will be a more focused affair with about 60 wines on the tables for tasting and a focus on the new wines and new suppliers. Together we have worked really hard and are thrilled with the new wine partners we have added to the list.

We will also welcome some of our wonderful wine makers to Ireland for the tasting where they can provide a real deep-dive tasting into their region, their specific vineyards and styles.  We are excited to have a brand new location for the tasting this year – Crow Street Restaurant, which is due to open later this month.

We would love to have you there. I would also love to extend the invitation to your active members in the Guild. Please see the full details below.


WHEN:          SEPTEMBER 24th 2018  –  MONDAY

TIME:             11.00 hrs – 17.00 hrs

WHERE:         Crow Street Restaurant, Crow Street, Dublin 2

WHO:            TRADE ONLY

RSVP:             [email protected]