As the nation has settled into lockdown, our buying habits have adapted and many of us have dived into buying wine online for the first time. If you’re in a position to do this, it’s a good thing, as it is a way of supporting the smaller importers and independent off-licences around the country. And as you were probably ordering quite a few bottles, hopefully you were tempted to try something new.

But as none of us are entertaining at the moment, you may find that at times, you are left with a bit in the end of a bottle, or you may fancy trying two different wines some evenings. Particularly as the days get longer and warmer, you may want to start with a glass of crisp white wine, followed by a glass of red. Which raises the question, how long will an open bottle of wine keep before it goes bad?

If you fancy doing a bit of lockdown learning, you can get answers to this and many of the questions you may have about wine from one of Ireland’s top up-and-coming sommeliers, Rory Conniffe, who worked for a number of years in the Michelin-starred EIPIC in Belfast, before taking up the head sommelier position in Deplar Farm, an eye-wateringly expensive resort in Iceland. You’ll find him on Instagram at @emerald_somm, where he posts his Wine Fact Wednesday, as well as updates of his YouTube videos.