• Japan

    From the President, Ms. Mary O’ Callaghan to Mr. Shinya Tasaki, President ASI.

    11th March, 2011

    The Irish Guild of Sommeliers wish to convey their sympathy to their Japanese colleagues and friends on the deaths caused by the Earthquake and Tsunami that struck your country in the past few days.

    We are praying for you in these trying and sad times.

    Hopefully all our friends and families are safe and well.

    Tokyo, Japan, 101-0042
    Tokyo, 14th of March 2011
    Dear Friends of Sommeliers
    Thank you very much for your thoughtful letter. I appreciate your caring.
    Mr. Kogai, Mr. Oka, Yumiko and my-self are fine and our family as well. The JSA office is operating as
    usual from today however we have still communicating problem.
    JSA sincerely want to do something to help all of peoples who are still missing family and losing their
    house. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they find the way in the life. We prayed that no worse
    misfortune should happen to us, too.
    It helps to know that we have many well-wishers for Japan. The thoughtfulness of a lot of friends are
    very comforting in this time of grief. Thank you once again for everything.
    With my very best wishes and thanks.
    Shinya Tasaki
    President of the ASI