Whiskeys Tasted at the Gresham Hotel, Dublin on 2nd October 2014

          1. Tullamore DEW Original – This is triple distilled and made of three blends.  It is a “traditional” Irish whiskey with a clean taste that is sweet and with hint of apple and cinnamon.  Three elements make up this blend.  First is a grain whiskey, which provides the sweetness.  Next is single malt that adds the fruitiness.  Last is a bit of potstill that provides the spiciness.  Aging is done in Bourbon and Sherry casks.

2. Tullamore DEW 12 Year Old Special Reserve – Again, this has three distillations and three blends.  Also aged in Bourbon and Sherry casks, but with a bit longer aging in the Sherry casks.  Hints of chocolate occur on the nose and taste.

3. Tullamore DEW Old Bonded Warehouse – A very smooth triple blend and triple distillation that is only sold at the visitor center in the new distillery.  It is aged one more year in Sherry than the 12 year old which gives if bit of raisin or sultan taste, with a bit of spiciness.  A very enjoyable whiskey.

 4. Tullamore DEW 14 Year Old Single Malt – An 8 month finish in Sherry casks makes this special.  On the nose it has a welcome floral scent.  The taste is very smooth but with a dryness to it.  Sadly, it is not sold in Ireland but rather is distributed in travel shops around the world.  As you travel, keep an eye out for it.

5. Tullamore DEW Phoenix – The name of course comes from Greek mythology about a bird that was reborn and arises from the ashes of its predecessor.   In 1785 a hot air balloon crashed to the ground in Tullamore and about a third of the town was burned to ashes, the world’s first recorded air traffic incident.  The original Tullamore distillery was later built on the location.  This new blend was launched in 2013 to recognize the original distillery.  It has a 55% ABV and has higher potstill content that delivers a friendly creaminess.

      6. Tullamore DEW Phoenix Celebratory –  Also at 55% ABV it is one year older than the regular Phoenix but is a limited edition single batch production.  Only 2,014 bottles have been produced.  It is finished for 3 months in virgin American oak casks that result in a very pleasing vanilla/toffee flavor.

We took the customary vote for most favored and hide a tie! The Phoenix and Phoenix Celebratory came out with equal number of votes. You could not go wrong with either one.

Oliver Murtagh President Irish Guild of Sommeliers was in attendance

Thanks to Ken Quinn, Irish Whiskey Society Committee Member for invitation