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Celtic Whiskey Shop Dublin have 2 whiskey tastings organised and as always these will most likely sell out in advance, so be quick to avoid missing out! Tickets are available either from the shop or by phone (01 675 9744).


Islay Single Malt Tasting- Thursday 19th June, 7.30pm at The Palace Bar (upstairs)

We will be sampling whiskies from all the currently available distilleries on the island of Islay with two highlights being the Laphroaig 18 Year Old and the Bowmore 23 Year Old. An opportunity not to be missed, especially if you like the smokier side of whiskies.

Tickets are €30 per person (€27 for Celtic Whiskey Club Members) and must be bought in advance.


American Whiskeys- Thursday 3rd July, 7.30pm at The Palace Bar (upstairs)

A great mix of American whiskeys to try. Not just your regular big brand Bourbons! Expect some of the more unusual and flavoursome whiskeys available from Kentucky and beyond.

Tickets are €25 per person (€22.50 for Celtic Whiskey Club Members) and must be bought in advance.


As Father’s day quickly approaches we have decided to pick out some of our favourite bottles which are sure to impress any Irish whiskey drinkers out there.


The Teeling Whiskey Company

The Teeling family have been involved in Irish whiskey production for 3 decades, with John Teeling being the main founder of the Cooley distillery back in the late 80’s. The family have roots in the Dublin whiskey trade and claim to have an ancestor who distilled way back in 1782. Now John’s sons, Jack and Stephen and running the Teeling Whiskey Company and have already started work on building a distillery in the Liberties area of Dublin. What is impressive about this young company is that they have managed to source an impressive inventory of mature and interesting whiskey. Expect to hear more about them in the future!


Teeling Small Batch Blend €37.99

This was the first release from the Teelings and is their core brand. We regularly have it on tasting in the shop and it has been a real hit with our customers. Blended from malt and grain whiskey, what sets this apart is the finishing in Nicaraguan rum casks which add a touch of sweet, tropical fruit flavour. The bottle also looks great, like all the Teeling range.


Teeling Single Grain €52.95

This was awarded ‘Worlds Best Grain Whiskey’ at the prestigious World Whiskey Awards 2014 and it was well deserved. The Teeling Single Grain has a lovely, buttery texture with flavours of creme brulee, vanilla, dried fruits and gentle spice. Silky smooth and very easy to drink!


Teeling Silver Vintage Reserve 21 Year Old Single Malt €152.50

A very impressive whiskey from some of the very mature stock held by the Teelings. This is partly matured in Sauternes sweet wine casks (a first for Irish whiskey). I think I can safely say that this has impressed a lot of people, especially at the World Whiskey Awards 2014 where it won ‘Best Irish Single Malt’!


Teeling Gold Vintage Reserve 26 Year Old Single Malt €475.00

A more recent release, this is pretty much the best Irish whiskey we have tasted all year. It is partly matured in white Burgundy casks which add some buttered toast, vanilla and apple flavours. Wonderfully complex and mouth-filling, this makes a great after dinner malt.


Teeling Platinum Vintage Reserve 30 Year Old Single Malt €1500

Amazingly we have been fortunate enough to taste this whiskey. What can we say but wow! This is currently the oldest Irish single malt on the market, it is packaged in an amazing box and it tastes incredible. Hopefully anyone that buys it will be brave enough to break the seal and share it out.


Alltech, Lexington Distilling and Brewing Company

Founded by Irishman Pearse Lyons, this company can’t seem to do anything wrong. They started out in agriculture and animal feed in the US. Now as they branch out they are brewing and distilling and are also currently in the process of building a distillery in Dublin. We carry their range of whiskeys and beers, which are all currently made in Kentucky.


Pearse Lyons Reserve Kentucky Malt Whiskey €62.99

A super-smooth single malt, from Kentucky of all places! Supple and soft to taste with malty, biscuity, vanilla infused flavours and just a hint of spice. Almost ‘Irish’ in style, this is an easy to drink whiskey that is happy straight up, over ice or even in a deluxe whiskey cocktail.


Town Branch Kentucky Straight Bourbon €59.99

Made using the best, limestone rich water which is essential to good bourbon distilling and then aged in American white oak. This has a lovely spice and fruit character on the nose typical of good bourbons. Creamy and soft to taste with complex and warming flavours. Great for a sunny evening outside with a drop of ice!


Celtic Whiskey Shop & Wines on the Green, 27-28 Dawson Street, Dublin 2

Celtic Whiskey Shop, 10th Anniversary.

Whiskey and Chocolate tasting – Thursday 20th June, 2pm-6pm

Whiskey and Chocolate tasting – Friday 21st June, 3pm-7pm

Whiskey and Cheese tasting – Saturday 22nd June, 3pm-7pm

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