The earliest known winery has been uncovered in a cave in the mountains of Armenia. A vat to press the grapes, fermentation jars and even a cup and drinking bowl dating to about 6,000 years ago were discovered in the cave complex by an international team of researchers. While older evidence of wine drinking has been found, this is the earliest example of complete wine production, according to researchers from the University of California. They also found grape seeds, remains of pressed grapes, vitis vinifera, still used to make wine.

The large scale of wine production implies that the Eurasian grape had already been domesticated, according to Patrick McGovern, author of Uncorking The Past: The Quest For Wine, Beer, And Other Alcoholic Beverages, who was not on excavation. He said that wine was consumed at funerals and festivals. (AOG – 12/01/2011).

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